Missed the Equilibrium Concert Series concert this past Friday? No problem, you can watch a youtube livestream of the entire concert at the below link (unfortunately missing the last few minutes of Paula Matthusen’s piece). My piece Parabolysis starts at 50:56; timings for the all the pieces on the program are in the description.

The Metropolitan Wind Symphony premiered my piece Alleles this past February, check out the video:

A little taste of paradise with Boston Modern Brass; experience the whole thing tonight, 8 PM, Seully, Boston Conservatory:

Edward J. Miller’s The Folly Stone is on Boston Modern Brass 3/17 concert; listen to his violin and ensemble piece Beyond the Wheel:

Excited to announce that I’ll be working with Hathor Winds Woodwind Quintet version of Christmas Tree.

Hyman Bloom’s Christmas Tree (1938-39), the inspiration for my piece on the Boston Modern Brass March 17 concert:


A taste of the Boston Modern Brass March 17th concert; a snippet from the end of Henry Brant’s The Fourth Millennium: