Surprised myself a bit as I found myself welling up while reading this article over my morning coffee.  The situation described bears a striking resemblance to the circumstances surrounding the death of my own cat Sabina except my “Last Guardian” was watching every episode of MST3K in chronological order.  It also reminded me that for anyone interested in creative media of any kind, if you have been ignoring video games you’re really missing out.  Besides my playthrough of the Last Guardian, which Wesley partially participated in by watching raptly and still asks to watch Trico almost a half year later, I’ve played some really fascinating stuff this year in the very limited time I have to devote to playing.

There was what was maybe the best AAA sci-fi blockbuster I’ve ever experienced in any medium in Horizon: Zero Dawn.  There was an intimate and searing examination of rhythm and virtuosity in Thumper and Hyper Light Drifter (percussionists in particular should check out the Dash Eternal achievement), with some bonus reflection on chronic illness in the later, get healthy products; both of which also have incredible soundtracks and sound design (here and here).  And muted reflection over loss and companionship in Firewatch.  Not to mention revisiting Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne.  Don’t miss out!

Missed the Equilibrium Concert Series concert this past Friday? No problem, you can watch a youtube livestream of the entire concert at the below link (unfortunately missing the last few minutes of Paula Matthusen’s piece). My piece Parabolysis starts at 50:56; timings for the all the pieces on the program are in the description.

The Metropolitan Wind Symphony premiered my piece Alleles this past February, check out the video:

A little taste of paradise with Boston Modern Brass; experience the whole thing tonight, 8 PM, Seully, Boston Conservatory:

Edward J. Miller’s The Folly Stone is on Boston Modern Brass 3/17 concert; listen to his violin and ensemble piece Beyond the Wheel:

Excited to announce that I’ll be working with Hathor Winds Woodwind Quintet version of Christmas Tree.

Hyman Bloom’s Christmas Tree (1938-39), the inspiration for my piece on the Boston Modern Brass March 17 concert: